Welcoming Your Puppy into the Family

So you took on the blessing of becoming a parent to a new, furry friend – congrats! While their presence warms your heart, they also offer a unique challenge in testing your patience. We’ve all been there as pet owners! Welcoming a puppy is a big responsibility, but a rewarding one at that. Below, you can find some tips on making your puppy feel at ease in the midst of a major change happening in their lives.


Make your Home THEIR Home as well.


Make sure to purchase all necessary items to take care of your puppy before bringing them into your home. You want him/her to feel at home just as you do with all of your belongings.

See this list for some starter essentials (there are a world of options out there, but these are the basics):

  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Puppy Food
  • Treats
  • Collar & Leash
  • Chew Toys
  • Crate


Organize your Home.


It’s important to remove any items your puppy could potentially get into – ultimately “puppy-proofing”. You will also want to decide what areas of the house you would like to offer your puppy access to. You may decide whether or not to limit them to one specific area. If you do, we offer a transmitter specifically designed for containing dogs to a smaller area – including indoor use!


Bringing your Puppy Home.


If you plan on driving your puppy home, this may be their first car ride which can be just about terrifying for anyone! (Imagine what they’re thinking… “What is this contraption that is moving so quickly while I sit here and watch the trees zip by?!”) Plan to bring someone with you who can sit by or hold your puppy to console them on this new journey home. You can also welcome them to their new crate given that they have seen one in their prior home.


The Puppy “Welcome Home” Tour.


Keep your home calm for a few days. Allowing the puppy to adjust quietly rather than with a ton of hustle and bustle will be much more effective for their comfort levels. Introduce your puppy to its crate if you haven’t already done so on the car ride home. However, it’s best to get them reacquainted so they know where to locate it in the house. Get a routine set for feeding, bathroom breaks, and walks.

All of this will lead to the commencement of puppy training. Take a breath, go one step at a time, and enjoy the time with your little furry friend as it flies by so quickly!

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